Roger Barnes

Welcome to my website.

I trust you will find help and assistance here.

Who is Roger Barnes, and what can you expect from him?

Roger Barnes is a registered psychologist (Victoria), and Member of the Australian Psychological Society, with a life long commitment to help others. He is known to many as the “Caring By Helping” psychologist.

Apart from psychology Roger has a background in science (metallurgy), business administration, and theology; within Australia and overseas. He is self-employed for 30 years. Typical clients present with difficulties such as those listed under SERVICES (above), that is, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and relationship difficulties. Currently a significant proportion of Roger’s work is with depressed, anxious, and traumatized clients. Clients also include those referred under Medicare, transport Accident Commission (TAC), Victims of Crime, and WorkCover.

What can you expect from a consultation with Roger?

Well ….

You know when your life is one big mess, or you’ve been told to ‘get help or else’, then … the counselling I offer may help you to ‘sort yourself out’ and to feel in control of your life again.

My 100% aim is to provide you with an affordable, professional service focused on the achievement of your desired outcomes.

This being the case you can expect that:

  • You will be treated with respect
  • You will receive a clear explanation of the service you will receive
  • Your consent for any service will be sought by Roger prior to the service commencing and as it progresses
  • You will receive an explanation about the nature and limits of confidentiality surrounding the service
  • You will receive competent and professional service
  • You will receive a clear statement about fees
  • You will be clear about the outcome that you and Roger are working toward
  • You will receive an estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve the outcome
  • You will receive a service free from sexual harassment
  • You will be shown respect for your cultural background and language tradition

What else should you know about Roger?

  • He prefers to work with adults aged over 18 years of age.
  • You will appreciate his focus on helping you find practical, down-to-earth, no nonsense solutions to your difficulties or problems
  • You will be encouraged and assisted to change, and be reminded that ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes”
  • He is keen to get you functioning at a healthier level as quickly as possible and so will motivate you to make small but significant changes in your life
  • Your referring medical doctor or psychiatrist will be written to regularly
  • You have a choice of consultation times, when available, either during business hours (9.00am – 5.00pm) or outside business hours. The after-hours appointments are at no extra charge to you
  • Whilst the Corona virus is active all consultation are either by phone or video (telehealth)
  • Your consultation is normally of 50 minutes duration.
  • You may make payment by cash, credit card, cheque, postal note, or EFT; whatever means is convenient to you

If, I can assist you or those close to you, please ring me on                     Freecall 1800 677 228 to book an appointment (or for a quick chat). Alternatively, you may wish to contact me at

I look forward to meeting with you at some stage. Be assured I am committed to assisting and helping you resolve your difficulties and issues as I am able.

Roger Barnes

The “Caring By Helping” psychologist’

P.S. Yes, it is ok to refer others to Roger’s website.