Roger Barnes

Welcome to my website.

I trust you will find help and assistance here.

Who is Roger Barnes, and what can you expect from him?

Roger Barnes is a registered psychologist (Victoria),  Member of the Australian Psychological Society, and Member of Australian Association of Psychologists Incorporated with a life long commitment to help others.

Apart from psychology Roger has a background in science (metallurgy), business administration, and theology; within Australia and overseas. He is self-employed for 30 years. Typical clients present with difficulties such as those listed under SERVICES (above), that is, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and relationship difficulties. Currently a significant proportion of Roger’s work is with depressed, anxious, and traumatized clients. Clients are also referred under Medicare, Transport Accident Commission (TAC),  and WorkCover.

What can you expect from a consultation with Roger?

Well ….

You know when your life is one big mess, or you’ve been told to ‘get help or else’, then … the counselling I offer may help you to ‘sort yourself out’ and to feel in control of your life again.

My 100% aim is to provide you with an affordable, professional service focused on the achievement of your desired outcomes.

This being the case you can expect that:

  • You will be treated with respect
  • You will receive a clear explanation of the service you will receive
  • Your consent for any service will be sought by Roger prior to the service commencing and as it progresses
  • You will receive an explanation about the nature and limits of confidentiality surrounding the service
  • You will receive competent and professional service
  • You will receive a clear statement about fees
  • You will be clear about the outcome that you and Roger are working toward
  • You will receive an estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve the outcome
  • You will receive a service free from sexual harassment
  • You will be shown respect for your cultural background and language tradition

What else should you know about Roger?

  • He prefers to work with adults aged over 18 years of age.
  • You will appreciate his focus on helping you find practical, down-to-earth, no nonsense solutions to your difficulties or problems
  • You will be encouraged and assisted to change, and be reminded that ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes”
  • He is keen to get you functioning at a healthier level as quickly as possible and so will motivate you to make small but significant changes in your life
  • Your referring medical doctor or psychiatrist will be written to regularly
  • You have a choice of consultation times, when available, either during business hours (9.00am – 5.00pm) or outside business hours. The after-hours appointments are at no extra charge to you
  • Whilst the Corona virus is active all consultation are either by phone or video (telehealth)
  • Your consultation is normally of 50 minutes duration.
  • You may make payment by cash, credit card, cheque, postal note, or EFT; whatever means is convenient to you

If, I can assist you or those close to you, please ring me on Freecall 1800 677 228 to book an appointment (or for a quick chat). Alternatively, you may wish to contact me at

I look forward to meeting with you at some stage. Be assured I am committed to assisting and helping you resolve your difficulties and issues as I am able.

Roger Barnes

The “Caring By Helping” psychologist’

P.S. Yes, it is ok to refer others to Roger’s website.